You Can’t Reach What You Can’t See: Developing a Personal Vision for Your Life


Looking for a career change? Or are you actively career planning? You may be in high school, college, or in the middle of a career, but you want a better future for yourself. You can have it. Learn how to take your passions and turn them into a career. Through a series of steps, you will develop a vision for your life and set specific goals to help you achieve success in your life. Download our workbook today!


Create a personal vision to develop a plan for your life. Career planning today is an integral part of success tomorrow.

Success is not an accident.

Successful people have spent countless hours preparing themselves to be successful. This workbook is designed to help you prepare for your own success.

The book is separated into six sections:

  1. Finding your passion.
  2. Crafting a personal vision.
  3. Setting goals.
  4. Action steps.
  5. Creating your final plan.
  6. Setting your plan into motion.

The sections are simple, but not easy. They guide you through a series of steps to help you identify what is most important in your life and how you can pursue a personal vision that will bring you success and happiness.

Whether you are preparing to enter college, planning for your future, considering a career change, or wanting to do something fulfilling with your life, this workbook is for you.

**Note for teachers: If you are interested in such a workbook for a classroom setting, I offer a student version of the package and, if necessary, can create similar course material. Contact me today.**