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Recommended Books

There are so many books that have impacted my personal development and influenced my blogging. I've compiled a short list of my favourites.

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I provide a variety of services, including public speaking, leadership and creativity consulting, and copy-editing. Check out my services page for more details.

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Career Planning

You Can’t Reach What You Can’t See: Developing a Personal Vision for Your Life

Looking for a career change? Or are you actively career planning? You may be in high school, college, or in the middle of a career, but you want a better future for yourself. You can have it. Learn how to take your passions and turn them into a career. Through a series of steps, you will develop a vision for your life and set specific goals to help you achieve success in your life. Download our workbook today!

Three Steps to Inspiring Vision in Your Team

Are you, your team, or your organization struggling with maintaining or developing a vision? The good news is that you’re not alone; thousands, if not millions, of individuals and organizations are going through the same thing. The better news is that there is a solution.

5 Ways to Inspire Ownership

Leadership requires ownership. You cannot be a strong leader without taking ownership and responsibility. But as a leader, you want your team to take ownership of your project or organization. Ownership is what sets apart the great teams from the good.

Why Leaders Must Be Teachable to Succeed

The willingness to be taught, or “teachability,” is an important trait for everyone, but it is vital for a leader. A leader should be searching for learning experiences in every situation.

Recommended Books

Over the course of my personal development as a leader and the development of this blog, I have read so many books on leadership, creativity, success, and business that have inspired and taught me. This is my list of recommended books. I wanted to share these books with you, and will update this page when I […]