Besides blogging, I am a father, a husband, a self-published fiction author, and an active leader in various local community programs. I currently work for a Canadian Member of Parliament (if you’re American, think “Congressman”) and have worked at a leadership level on several political campaigns.

My wife, Bethany, and I were married in 2012, and we had our daughter, Makenna, in December of 2015. I am not a millionaire and I am not famous, but I have extensive experience in leadership, particularly with youth and young adults, as well as communication and motivation. I am also a self-published fiction author and creative contributor.

I have over seven years of experience volunteering in various leadership positions for non-profit organizations, leading teams of up to 80 people. I have spent four  years on the Board of Directors for a local political organization and have been employed as a political strategist since July of 2014. I have worked in a leadership role on two political campaigns in Canada — one provincial and one federal — and have spoken on politics and community engagement for youth.

As a creator, I have volunteered with a creative team that plans and executes regular events for middle and high school students. In addition, I have led fundraising campaigns, overseen the creation and development of new projects, spoken publicly on leadership development, and developed key strategy for politicians, non-profits, and professional organizations. In 2009, I was a recipient of a Rotary Youth Leadership Award, and in 2012 I served on the Board of Directors for a student association that received recognition for its leadership in the University of the Fraser Valley.