TEDx Talk: Imagining a Better World

On April 8, 2017, I had the honour of delivering my TEDx Talk at TEDxChilliwack, an official TEDx event on the topic “Future Shapers: The Minds of the Next Generation.” As a speaker, I spoke on the topic of imagination and creativity. Now that the video is available on YouTube, I thought I would share it […]

Three Steps to Inspiring Vision in Your Team

Are you, your team, or your organization struggling with maintaining or developing a vision? The good news is that you’re not alone; thousands, if not millions, of individuals and organizations are going through the same thing. The better news is that there is a solution.

5 Ways to Inspire Ownership

Leadership requires ownership. You cannot be a strong leader without taking ownership and responsibility. But as a leader, you want your team to take ownership of your project or organization. Ownership is what sets apart the great teams from the good.

Comparing Yourself to Win

You often hear that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others, and that is completely true — most of the time. But you should also learn how to compare yourself with others to help yourself win. You can compare yourself to lose, you can compare others to lose, or you can compare yourself to win.