Leadership Services

I provide a number of leadership services for up and coming leaders, professionals, creatives, and corporations. You can see more of these below.

1. Public Speaking

Do you have an event that requires a public speaker? I am an experienced public speaker, with experience speaking to schools, churches, community organizations, academics, and even military personnel. My topics focus on leadership, motivation, and training. Check out my speaking page for more.

2. Leadership Consulting

With over seven years of experience in training and developing leaders (and a lifetime of being trained as a leader by others), I bring a lot of practical knowledge to the table (hence this blog). Whether you need help casting a vision, training new leaders, or pushing your team to become the best they can be, I can provide a service suited to your situation. Check out my leadership consulting page for more.

3. Creative Consulting

What starts as a simple idea can grow to become an inspiration. Your ideas can influence the world, and I want to help you do that. As a self-published author of multiple books (you can check out my adventure fiction website for more information), I have been through the rigorous process of writing, editing, and publishing my creative writing. I offer my services to help you turn your story (fiction or non-fiction) into a story that inspires. The best thing about creative writing is that it is no longer limited to books. People are looking to be inspired, and everything tells a story, from a product to a service. So if you want help in turning your idea into an inspiration, no matter what the medium, check out my creative writing consulting page today.

4. Copy-editing

Who loves copy-editing? No one! That’s why I offer my services as a copy-editor, so you can have a second set of eyes to give your weary pair a break. As a blogger, writer, and the former editor of a professional public servant blog, I bring experience and professionalism to my work. I offer a competitive pricing model with varying degrees of scrutiny to give you the help you need in making your manuscript sparkle (grammatically, that is). Check out my copy-editing page for more information.

5. And More!

Do you think I would be a valuable asset to your project, but don’t see the perfect fit in any of these services? Maybe you have a creative project but you think I would be better suited as a contributor rather than a consultant. Contact me today to discuss your project and see if I can help.