I provide copy-editing services for both fiction and non-fiction. As a blogger, writer, and former editor of a professional public servant blog, I bring experience and professionalism to my work. If you are interested in my services as a creative writing consultant, check out my creative writing consultant page.

As a freelance copy-editor, I charge $40/hour. To give you an idea of what that means, for a standard manuscript (commercial fiction, light non-fiction) I would expect to copy-edit 4-10 pages/hour; for more complex manuscripts (literary fiction, heavy non-fiction) I would expect 2-4 pages/hour.

While my hourly rate is fixed, the level of editing is negotiable. If you want me to skim your manuscript rather than study every detail, I can just about double my reading rate.

I use a contract template as designed by the Editors' Association of Canada (of which I am NOT a member). You can find a sample contract here.


For information on availability, contact me today on the form below.

Please include approximate length of the manuscript, the type/topic of manuscript (I want to know if it's a medical article, a science fiction novel, or a blog post), and any deadlines you have. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I reserve the right to refuse any project for any reason. I will not edit any manuscript that includes objectionable material, including but not limited to anything that includes erotica, gratuitous violence/gore, or anything that promotes violence against or hatred towards people groups based on ethnicity, religion, gender identity, or any other characteristic.