Great North Dynamics

Great North Dynamics was born out of a desire to help develop leaders and creators and inspire them to succeed. This is a blog dedicated to doing just that.

You will find tons of lessons, training tips, insider info, and case studies throughout this blog focused on leadership development, creativity, and motivational topics. I will use personal experiences and lessons I’ve learned along the way to inspire growth and success. My¬†goal is to see young and rising leaders and creators not only develop the skills they need to be effective, but also to succeed in life — professionally and personally.

Kyle Wierks

Kyle is the founder, editor, and head writer of Great North Dynamics. His passion for leadership and training rising leaders comes from his own experience working with young leaders to develop leadership qualities. Kyle is also a TEDx speaker.

Leadership is not just about leading others, it is about success. A leader who is unsuccessful in life will find it difficult to entice people to follow them. That is why Kyle is focused not just on training leaders, but on motivating leaders to be successful.

Beyond his passion for leadership and success, Kyle is also a self-published fiction author. With a long-standing love for the written word and an imagination that never takes a break, Kyle has turned his hobby of creative writing into self-publishing. You can check out his author website where he shares his creative work on adventure fiction.

When not working on Great North Dynamics, Kyle is spending time with his young family, exploring the great outdoors, or out seeking his next adventure. He also sometimes spends time at his day job as a political/communications strategist.